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Review: The Heat Company


Who are they ?
"The Heat Company" is an internationally renowned company inherent in the sale of gloves and warmers for photographers and beyond. The company is based in Austria, was born in the Alps and brings with it years of experience in the field.

The gloves "Heat Company" are divided into 3 layers, each layer can be superimposed according to your needs and weather conditions, you can vary from a light glove to a polar one by overlapping the 3 layers.


The comfort of the glove is impressive as well as the thermal seal, our hands will always be warm. Layer 1 has the touch on the first 3 fingers in order to fully use the functionality of the screen of our camera and smartphone, layer 2 has an opening at the top so that you can use layer 1 during the shooting session.
Layers 1 and 2 also have small pockets where it is possible to introduce the hand warmer and have even more safety in extreme temperatures.

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1° Layer
The first layer is composed of the "LINER" line and here we find different compositions in terms of material. All the gloves in the Liner line are very elastic and comfortable and can also be used during everyday life. There is a pocket in the upper part where you can insert The Heat Company hand warmers.

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2° Layer
The second layer is composed of the "SHELL" line, they are water-repellent and wind resistant, they can be easily folded down thanks to a magnet to be able to use your fingers easily. There is an internal pocket where you can place The Heat Company hand warmers and thus keep our fingers warm even in the coldest temperatures.

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3° Layer
The third and last layer is composed of the Polar Hood line. They are water-repellent and are resistant to wind and water and are very light. The latter do not have the upper opening as they are designed to ensure the safety of the hand in polar temperatures.



The Heat company gloves are the ideal choice if you want to protect and keep your hands warm during winter photo sessions. After testing them for several months I can only praise the quality and recommend the purchase.

Take a look at their website to see all the models and choose the one that's right for you:

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ENG gloves:

IT scaldini:

ENG warmers:

IT o scaldamani:

ENG Hand warmers:

IT Liner:

ENG Liner:



IT Polar Hood:

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Some pictures taken with the help of gloves:

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