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New Haida Filters M10 System

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A few days ago I had the pleasure to entry in the family Haida Filters and so I have had the honour to test the new Holder Haida M10.

The filters can be a great tool to have in your camera bag for when the conditions require them. GND , ND and CPL filters are the most commonly used filters and usually used to lengthen or even out an exposure. The GND filters for most golden hours to darken the sky and I can’t imagine working by the ocean, waterfall, lakes ecc. without an ND filters.

A few years ago I started my adventure with the Haida Filters system for Tamron 15-30 and I am happy with the functionality of the system, and the quality of the filters is incredible.

Today I want to talk about the new system released from Haida Filters: M10 System


Haida Filter recently came out with a new filter system, the M10, and I jumped at the opportunity to take a look to see if there had been improvements made in functionality. I had not seen the system prior to receiving it, so I had no idea of what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when I unboxed the new system as it was just what I had been wishing for and more.


Haida M10 Filter Holder:

The new filter holder Haida can be adapted for many types of lenses, thanks to its adapter rings: 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82 mm

The new M10 system came with more robust filter rings for use of a new clip-on filter holder. It takes a mere 2 seconds to take the holder on and off using the spring loaded red clip on the side of the holder. This feature is a huge win for speed and ease of use of the system.


New to the M10 was also a drop in filter slot behind the filter holder. In the old 100-Pro system you could screw in a CPL to the filter holder, but the holder had to be removed to do so and was time consuming. Now with the M10 you simply drop in the CPL, which comes with the holder, to the back and it locks into place. You can see the 10 Stop ND version and CPL of this drop in rear filter in the images above and below. This is a huge win by speeding up the use of system so the user can focus on capturing in the field. The drop in system also helps when using a 10-stop ND because it really blocks light well. There is virtually no way for light to seep into the back system when in use. I love this new option as some midday uses of a 10 Stop ND had light seepage using the 100-Pro.


Haida M10 CPL for back of holder:

The new back of holder system now allows for some more options in addition to just a CPL. The back drop in filters are available in ND 0.9,1.8,3.0,4.5,CPL,Clear-night,GND-0.9,1.2,ND+CPL 0.9, and 1.8. Now you can drop a variety of filters in the back of the holder and stack up to 3 additional filters on the front of the holder, such as another ND or graduated ND. The options are many depending on your filter collection and you can really get creative with filters using the new system.

Haida M10 Filter Holder

One last improvement that was added was a brand new case for the filter system. The new case is a hard, leather like shell which splits using 2 zippers, much like an old cd case. The new case feels much more studier, an improvement that is welcomed due to having a CPL as part of the system. The inside is a soft, short velvet. I feel confident that everything is protected no matter where it is in my bag. If you were to imaging the case open, one side is molded to fit the filter system and then other has a mesh pocket to store your filter rings and the clear ring for light protection. I should mention that the case also has a carabiner so you can clip it on your belt, bag or tripod if you need to.


The new system is streamlined for a more user friendly experience with it’s new clip on filter holder and rear drop-in filter system. This is a system that any pro or novice will enjoy using. It’s simple to understand and easy to use, but it performs like a dream. If you are just getting into these filter systems I’d strongly recommend beginning with Haida. It not only meets, but exceeds what I expected to see from a new Haida filter system. It is by far the best system that I’ve used thus far and I’m really happy that it’s in my bag.

Some Pictures taken with Haida filters:

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